The three important updates of Spotify will make users happy in the upcoming weeks

As a successful Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, Spotify attracts almost everyone and encourages them to enjoy their leisure time as per their wishes. Every user of this system gets the complete assistance to listen to their favorite music. They get immediate access to millions of songs as well as podcasts without a need to use a credit card.

 Impressive enhancements 

 Enhancements in this digital music service encourage existing users to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in this system. Spotify releases auto-generated transcripts for Exclusive Podcasts and Spotify Original now. All users of the three new features of Spotify get 100% satisfaction. They use these facilities and recommend Spotify to others.

Spotify has announced the three buttons with increased readability functions, choices for text resizing, and a beta for podcast transcripts. You can access all these updates in your Spotify in the upcoming weeks.

Users of the iOS and Android mobile devices are keen to use these three new features of Spotify. The transcripts feature will be available for the Spotify Original podcasts. However, there is a plan to include the overall podcasts in the upcoming days. Spotify will soon let its users downloading playlists and podcasts on Wear OS devices. It announced it during the Google I/O keynote.

 Improve your leisure time  

The overall ability to auto-generate transcripts for podcasts is one of the most important features in the upcoming Spotify updates. However, this feature will be included only in the Spotify Original and Spotify Exclusive podcasts. The new transcripts feature for the music streaming service Spotify will let every user read particular parts of the podcasts without or with sound.

The new transcripts for Spotify let users able to scroll and navigate to a particular part of the podcast episode almost immediately. Every user can click on any particular paragraph and begin playing the podcasts from such a point with no complexity and delay. They are keen to use the ability to resize the text for Spotify and reap benefits from the increased readability features.

The music streaming platform Spotify reflects system-wide text alterations to a certain extent with the Dynamic Type text. The latest accessibility updates of Spotify revealed that Spotify will let users maximize the text further, enhance the navigation on the app, and give every listener good control for customizing their experience. Users of the iOS device can maximize the text size by using the Settings >Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Large Text.



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